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Over summer people are constantly heading away on holiday for several days, or just to the beach for a day trip - it is important your neighbours are aware if you are going to be away for several days and that you won’t be expecting any visitors.
If you are heading away, be it for a day or 2 weeks, use your alarm system.
If you are heading away for several days it is a good idea to have your alarm system checked so it won’t be false alarming and annoy the neighbours.
Give a neighbour you trust a key to the house and code for the alarm so that if something does happen they can make the house secure again and/or reset the alarm system if need be.
Let the monitoring company know you are not in Auckland and update the Call-out list while you are out of town -there is no point them wasting precious time calling your home, your work, your mobile, if you are out in the boat or in the Coromandel.
Shut all windows and doors when heading out, often windows are forgotten during nice hot summers. Open windows can cause false alarms and are easy entry points for intruders.

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