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Frequently Asked Questions

My alarm system beeps at me for no apparent reason

Alarm systems are designed to beep and or flash lights at you to tell you there is a problem with the system. A technician should be called to site to check the system.

My alarm is false alarming, sometimes the alarm is not set and I am home

There is a definite problem with your alarm system, alarms should only be sounding when the system is set, and there is Activation from one of the zones. A technician should be called to site to check the system.

I have just got a new kitten and don't know if the sensors are pet friendly

Chances are that the sensors are not pet proof, some sensors can be made to be pet friendly, otherwise the sensors can be changed to a pet proof version.

We are currently doing an extension, can I add another sensor to my Alarm system?

Yes you can, providing cables can be run there is no problems in adding additional sensors. If cabling cannot be run, then a wireless sensor can be installed.

I have not had anyone service the alarm since we have been in the house, approx 4 years, how often should someone check the system?

It is recommended that a technician service the alarm system every 24 months, minimum. It is also recommended that you set the alarm off every month. Pretend you are a burglar, and walk into the lounge or hallway etc and set the alarm off, make sure the sirens are sounding, and then reset the system.    

We don't use our electric gates because we don't know how, can you help?

Yes certainly, gates need to be serviced every 24 months, I can come out and show you how to use them, service them, and make any adjustments needed so they operate how you want them to.

We cannot hear our visitors over the intercom, but they can hear us, what is wrong?

One of the components in the handset inside, or the gate station outside has a fault; a technician should be called out to site to check the Intercom system.

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